Copper Soy Candle 15oz


Experience the mesmerizing glow of our Copper Candle as it casts a soft, flickering light that dances gracefully across the room, creating a cozy atmosphere during intimate gatherings or quiet moments of relaxation. With its exquisite design, superior wax blend, and captivating fragrances, our Copper Candle offers a sensory experience like no other, transforming every moment into a luxurious retreat.

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Our Copper Candle combines the timeless elegance of a handcrafted copper vessel with the luxurious experience of our carefully curated wax blend and fine fragrances. Crafted with precision, our candle features a harmonious blend of premium soy wax, enriched with coconut wax and a touch of beeswax. This blend ensures a clean, long-lasting burn, enveloping your space in warmth and tranquility while emitting minimal soot and toxins, contributing to a cleaner environment.

Encased in a stunning copper vessel, each candle is a masterpiece of artisanal charm, exuding sophistication and refinement. The rich, lustrous hue of the copper adds a touch of opulence to any setting, making it a striking centerpiece for your décor. As the candle burns, it releases captivating fragrances carefully infused to evoke a sense of luxury and indulgence. Whether you choose one of our soothing floral scent or a warm, spicy aroma, each fragrance is expertly crafted to delight your senses and elevate your mood.


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